Why a Snake for a Logo?

The Logo was discovered by one of the co-founders, while racing mountain bikes deep in the desert between the Texas/Mexico border. The Snake is all Spine

Why does Eminent Spine name all there implants after snakes?

The Snake is all Spine and that is all Eminent Spine is about.

Do the snake names correlate with the surgery site?

Yes. All the names make sense:

  • Copperhead – the cage goes in the Head & Neck area
  • King Cobra – cervical surgery is the “King” of all spine surgery
  • Boa Constrictor – It constricts the 2 rods together
  • Python – the Cage is inserted Posteriorly, hence the Python
  • Sidewinder – the Cage is inserted from the Side, hence the Sidewinder
  • Diamondback Pedicle screw – the Screw goes in the Back, hence the DiamondBack
  • Texas Diamondback MIS screw – The tall Texas tower on the MIS screw. Everything is taller and bigger in Texas
  • Black Mamba – the “Ring” of the retractor is black
  • Black Diamond Rattlesnake – it will pass through the Black Mamba orifice
  • Rattlesnake – the lateral cage – okay, no correlation here, but it did sound cool
  • Cottonmouth – the shape of the implant looks like an open Cottonmouth’s jaw
  • Fang plate – the Fangs secure the implant to the bone, so it does not move. They look like fangs.
  • Red Diamond Rattlesnake – lays in front of the big “Red” vessels. Not like the Red River (between Texas & Oklahoma).
  • Why is it “Bad to the Bone?”

    Just listen to the George Thorogood song, and if you don’t get it, you probably should not be a spine surgeon.

    How does Eminent Spine have so many products approved by the FDA?

    The “Core” value of ES is manufacturing spine products based on hardcore biomechanical principles and testing.

    Will Eminent Spine private label to other companies?

    Yes we have. ES is in the manufacturing business.

    Is Eminent Spine owned by private equity investors?

    No, ES is privately owned and all decisions are made by 2 people. ES does not believe in excess fat or middle men. ES makes swift and fast decisions and does not have time for people who like to hear themselves talk. ES still believes in a fundamental principle, and that principle is called “Work.”

    Why are the surgical trays and instruments colored coded?

    So that the reps, scrubs techs and decontamination people can easily identity the parts. This results in faster turn over and less stress for the scrub techs. Also, for the other people not to steal the parts. When the nurse tells the Surgeon that his Surgery is delayed because they can’t find the implants or instruments, that excuse has been “Eliminated” by ES.

    ES manufactures all the surgical trays. Each set is colored based on the Big 12 and the SEC football colors. Football in Texas.

  • Cottonmouth is Orange for University of Texas.
  • Sidewinder is Red for Texas Tech
  • Python is Green for Baylor
  • Fang Plate is for LSU
  • DiamondBack is Purple & Black
  • Rattlesnake is Blue & Black
  • Copperhead is Yellow & Black
  • Can Eminent Spine custom design trays and instruments?

    Yes, ES can provide generic trays and sets.

    Does Eminent Spine manufacture their own implants and sets?

    Yes, ES manufactures the sets, instruments & implants in Texas. we believe that outsourcing slows the process down, so ES decided to do it all in Texas. We’re proud of that fact and be sure to declare the Made in Texas label. Henceforth “Made in Texas.”

    EMINENT SPINE | 7200 N. IH 35 Bldg. #1, Georgetown, TX 78626 | info@eminentspine.com