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Post By: Dr. Steve Courtney

Eminent Spine Releases Updated King Cobra White Paper

After receiving positive feedback from the cervical spine research community at last month’s CSRS meeting, Dr. Stephen Courtney has released the clinical results of his experience with two revolutionary cervical fusion devices. The King Cobra anterior cervical plate and the Copperhead cervical cage, both created and manufactured by Texas-based biomechanic company Eminent Spine, have been […]

Eminent Spine Hosts Visiting Surgeons, Training Them on Eminent Spine Products

On October 30, Eminent Spine was proud to host eight spine surgeons from Mexico at Baylor Medical Center in Frisco, Texas. Baylor Medical Center, a 68-bed hospital just north of Dallas. It is well known for its luxurious atmosphere and patient satisfaction. Lesser known about the Baylor Medical Center is its state-of-the-art spine research lab. […]

Eminent Spine Debuts Eminent Extremities, at NASS 2015

Eminent Spine is pleased to announce the successful launch of, Eminent Extremities, at the annual North American Spine Society meeting in Chicago. Eminent Spine has demonstrated exceptional surgical outcomes in spine surgery, and that same work ethic and uncompromising level of quality has been extended to Eminent Extremities. Eminent Extremities offers a truly unique approach […]

Eminent Spine releases updated white paper on Copperhead® PEEK cervical cages and the King Cobra® cervical plates

Eminent Spine has released an updated white paper by Dr. Stephen Courtney. The study validates the extensive research and development by Eminent Spine providing safe and effective spinal products. The study of 180 patients and 196 plates and 1,320 cervical screws and 679 PEEK cervical cages, demonstrated the Eminent Spine cervical system is effective in […]

Dr. Stephen Courtney performs lateral lumbar plate surgery using “Black Diamond Rattlesnake™”

Eminent Spine is proud to announce that spinal surgeon Dr. Stephen Courtney in Plano, TX performed the company’s first lateral lumbar plate surgery – the “Black Diamond Rattlesnake™.” The surgery was performed on October 27, 2014. Dr. Courtney has successfully implanted the newly released FDA product in three patients. Dr. Courtney stated, “Eminent Spine has […]

Eminent Spine Black Diamondback Rattlesnake™ Lateral Lumbar Plate System

Eminent Spine is proud to announce the release of the Black Diamondback Rattlesnake™ lateral lumbar plate system. The Black Diamondback Rattlesnake™ system is the 14th product to be designed and released by Eminent Spine, since 2009. Featuring Eminent Spine’s proprietary technology, the Black Diamondback Rattlesnake™ is the most recent bio mechanical sound FDA approved product […]

Eminent Spine Red Diamondback Rattlesnake™ Anterior Lumbar System

Eminent Spine is proud to announce the release of the Red Diamondback Rattlesnake™ anterior lumbar plate system. The Red Diamondback Rattlesnake™ system is the 13th product to be designed and released by Eminent Spine, since 2009. The plate employs Eminent Spine’s patented TriLobe® Technology allowing temporary fixation to the bone and help prevent plate rotation. […]

Spinal Fusion Surgery

A recent episode of “Today in America,” with host, former NFL star Terry Bradshaw, recently focused on back pain in the United States, explaining how spinal fusion surgery is the most common treatment for chronic back pain.  The show explained how a highly skilled surgeon can help someone suffering from back pain regain their lives, […]

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