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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Eminent Spine releases updated white paper on Copperhead® PEEK cervical cages and the King Cobra® cervical plates

Eminent Spine has released an updated white paper by Dr. Stephen Courtney. The study validates the extensive research and development by Eminent Spine providing safe and effective spinal products. The study of 180 patients and 196 plates and 1,320 cervical screws and 679 PEEK cervical cages, demonstrated the Eminent Spine cervical system is effective in […]

Dr. Stephen Courtney performs lateral lumbar plate surgery using “Black Diamond Rattlesnake™”

Eminent Spine is proud to announce that spinal surgeon Dr. Stephen Courtney in Plano, TX performed the company’s first lateral lumbar plate surgery – the “Black Diamond Rattlesnake™.” The surgery was performed on October 27, 2014. Dr. Courtney has successfully implanted the newly released FDA product in three patients. Dr. Courtney stated, “Eminent Spine has […]

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