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Spinal Fusion Surgery

A recent episode of “Today in America,” with host, former NFL star Terry Bradshaw, recently focused on back pain in the United States, explaining how spinal fusion surgery is the most common treatment for chronic back pain.  The show explained how a highly skilled surgeon can help someone suffering from back pain regain their lives, and that the quality of the medical devices is just as critical as the skills of the surgeon.

High Percentage of People Suffering Back Pain

 Terry Bradshaw explained that eight out of ten people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and American’s spend at least $50 million for treatments, often using clinical solutions such as pain medication or acupuncture.  For some, these treatments provide relief, while for others the relief is only temporary.  According to Shelia Adlof, who was interviewed on the show, the pain reached the point where regular activities became difficult.  Ms. Adlof injured her back doing gymnastics while she was in high school, and as an adult, found that a new activity, running, became unbearable due to her back pain.  This led her to seek information about spinal fusion surgery.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

 According to Dr. Stephen Courtney, co-founder and CEO of Eminent Spine, spinal fusion surgery is an attempt to remove a disk that has become painful and replace it with either a bone graft or interbody fusion device.  On the show, Dr. Courtney explained that there were three common types of spine fusion surgery.  An anterior approach is when the surgeon makes an incision in the front of the spine and inserts a fusion cage or bone graph.  The posterior approach has the surgeon going through the back of the spine and inserting rods, screws or cages.  Finally, a lateral approach is when a surgeon places lateral cages or screws.

Quality Devices

 Dr. Courtney and manufacturing expert David Freehill are the cofounders of Eminent Spine, a spinal surgery device company based in Georgetown, Texas, where they develop high-quality surgical devices used for spinal fusion surgery.  Unlike other device companies, Eminent Spine uses expertise during the design phase so that the devices they produce are cost effective and innovative.  California-based spinal surgeon Dr. Daryl Burgery assisted with the design of the Cottonmouth rasp, which, like all products manufactured by Eminent Spine, are produced locally, in Texas.  This allows costs to remain low and reduces the lead time in getting the devices in the hands of surgeons, as well as into the backs of patients.


Ms. Adlot says that since Dr. Courtney performed her spinal fusion surgery, she is pain free and she is thrilled to be able to enjoy the things she could not when she suffered from pain.  Dr. Courtney says that Eminent Spine is proud to produce products that are affordable in a very controlled environment, but even more proud that they are able to give patients “their lives back and that is what Eminent Spine is all about.”

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