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spineThere are many spinal device manufacturers that surgeons may choose from throughout the world, but few offer devices of the same quality, innovation and low cost as ones produced by Eminent Spine.  The Georgetown, Texas company, co-founded by Dr. Steve Courtney and David Frehill, develop a range of products that have FDA 510(k) market clearance.

Designed by Experts 

When Courtney and Freehill founded Eminent Spine in 2008, they wanted the company to be one of the few spinal device manufacturers to use the expertise of a spine surgeon with an engineer’s knowledge of manufacturing and design.  However, they did not just rely on their own expertise as they began creating spinal devices.  For example, California-based spinal surgeon, Dr. Daryl Burgery, helped with the design of the Cottonmouth rasp.

Device Quality

The fact that Eminent Design has nine products cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, all of which have 510(k) market clearance, is a demonstration of their reputation as one of the premier surgical device manufacturers in the country.  A few of the devices include the King Cobra Anterior Surgical Plate, Diamondback Spinal System, Fang Plate System and Interbody Fusion System. These FDA approvals are evidence that the company has a heavy focus on strict biomechanical principles and testing.   All devices delivered by Eminent Design are manufactured in Texas.

Generic Trays and Sets 

Eminent Spine offers generic trays, sets and instruments that can be custom designed.  Surgical trays are color coded so that representatives, scrub technicians and decontamination staff can easily identify the parts, allowing for faster turnover and reduced stress for scrub techs.  There is no worry that a surgery must be delayed because an implant or instrument is missing.  Eminent Spine color-coded the trays and sets to match the colors of the Big 12 and SEC football franchises in Texas and an explanation of those colors can be found on their website.

Because of their heavy focus on strict biomechanical principles and testing, Eminent Spine has a reputation for being one of the best surgical device manufacturers in the country.  In fact, in 2010, Becker’s Spine Review named them one of the top 42 orthopedic and spine device companies to know.  Learn more about Eminent Spine and their products online.

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