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Eminent Spine® Products: Fang Plate® Anterior Lumbar Buttress Plate

When you think of a snake’s fangs, you think of speed, strength and power. When we decided to create new products for surgeons and their patients, we took inspiration from the snake, one of our favorite creatures. After all, what spine doctor wouldn’t be fascinated by an animal that’s all spine!

In particular, we knew that we wanted to base a product off of a snake’s powerful jaw. We took inspiration from the shape of an opened jaw of a snake. The fit seemed perfect for our anterior lumbar buttress plate. The unique design of the Fang Plate® offers a number of benefits compared to normal anterior lumbar buttress plates, and as such, we believe that our testing shows our product to be an excellent choice for surgeons everywhere.

Suited for surgeries that treat degenerative disc disease, discogenic pain, HNP, and stenosis, among others, the Fang Plate® offers improvements on standard design. Our studies have shown that the low-profile plating option addresses a number of problems common to spine surgery, including cage migration, long surgery times, and vascular injury.

What makes the Fang Plate® different than other anterior lumbar buttress plates? Our titanium composition is more reliable and provides additional strength post-surgery. This helps prevent breakage and screw back-out. Reducing the number of complications is our primary goal, and it seems that with the Fang Plate®, we’ve accomplished just that. As an additional benefit, our Fang Plate features the unique TriLobe™ technology that reduces the profile and minimizes the chance of the screw backing out.

The results show that, of the 71 patients who tested the Fang Plate®, none of them required additional surgery, none of them suffered plate breakage, and not a single screw backed out. Just like a snake’s bite, everything held firm and strong. For surgeons interested in using the Fang Plate, be sure to request our technique manual.

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  • Walter Barrineau on February 14, 2014

    I am interested as a potential patient, can you tell me how I might go from here to see if I am a candidate. I have degenerative disc in my lower back and so I have all of the problems that go with that condition.
    Please forward any info that you can.

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